When I moved to Lofoten in 2016, I had no idea about what was going on in the region. I knew it was nice there, that there were many mountains and a lot of sea, but I did not know that there were many young people living scattered around the islands. The districts in Norway have long had a hard time preventing people from moving away, and getting new people to settle. I thought: Why should Lofoten be an exception? But Lofoten is an exception.  Here, the number of newcomers has increased.
People are coming from all over the country: those who came for the summer holidays, but stayed. Those who were to stay for a couple of years, but bought a house. Some of them talked about leaving one day, but never did. Lofoten tends to take hold of people. It is obvious that it is about magnificent nature and picturesque surroundings, but for me it was about the people - the other newcomers. These are the ones «Paradise» is all about.