(personal project, 2020)

My mother is a farmer, my dad is a farmer and I am the son of farmers. Our home consists of farmers, and the farm has always been our home. Now, I wonder who we are. Considering population growth, climate change, pressure on natural resources, rising commodity prices and an ongoing pandemic, the farmers balances on a knife edge – for both their own and everyone else’s survival.

Are those who satisfy the most basic human needs also a great threat for the planet we live on?
With all these crises overshadowing society, many have developed an ambivalent relationship toward the farmers. People seem to be grateful for the food, but at the same time they suspect farmers of depleting soil and resources, polluting the globe, depriving animals of a life in freedom, and getting too much subsidies. 

This series explores an identity crisis as well as a social crisis, with a question about whether my home is a place for something good or bad. Because I wonder: Are we heroes or villains?